Own the Equinox – Day 21


Yes, there is quite a discrepancy in the days between my postings.  I’m still logging my 3 mile runs three times a week. It’s just that finding something substantial to say after each is rather…hard.


Heck, I’m still not even sure what to write today.  I’m still going forward, I’m still running, I’m still pushing my limits.  I am looking forward to Saturday and doing my long run! Though, my son makes Dutch Pancakes every Saturday, I’ll have to hope he leaves me some.

If you are looking some something that you can do to help promote Usher Syndrome Awareness and give those of us going Deaf-Blind from this disease, here are some things for you to check out!

Vision for a Cure – This one is close to me, because it is run by my own family members! Vision for a Cure rises money every year for Usher Syndrome research focused solely at Westerfield Laboratory within the Institute of Neuroscience at the University of Oregon.

Usher Syndrome.org – This is essentially THE group that is furthering everything for the Usher Syndrome community.  The Usher Syndrome Coalition has lead the way into getting the US Government to get funding for the disease and is the main catalyst for community building.  They had originally planned to raise 25k during the Own the Equinox campaign, but since that got met has expanded to 50k!

Social Media – Use your Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #USHEQX and say something about the disease, be a conversation starter or just point people in a general direction. JUST DO ANYTHING (um, legal) to raise awareness! Oh, and make sure on September 19th, you help us OWN THE EQUINOX!


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