I am returned, though I never left.


This has nothing to do with the article, I’m just a fan of Dr. Zoidberg.

Yes, I’m still alive and still running! I did 3.2 miles today, followed by an hour long upper body workout at the gym.

A lot has changed these past few months, but hopefully now that my life has calmed down a bit I can try to get back to putting the words in my head to print.. I can save the long winded story for another day, lets just cut to the end, which happens to be today. I was given an amazing job offer as a Contracts Administrator with the DCMA in Philadelphia at the Naval Support Activity. This is the first job since I’ve been diagnosed with Usher Syndrome that I really honestly felt like I was welcomed by everyone around me. All of the team members have been super nice and it being a federal job, it is more than accommodating toward my Usher Syndrome. I walk around with my cane, something I’d never done before at a job (or really in public) and it doesn’t feel weird. It’s just nice to know that there is an understanding of why I might have bumped someone/something. Where at my previous job, I just looked like a jerk and muttered sorry under my breath because I wasn’t using a cane, I felt like I almost had to hide at my old job. In a way, it only made me more and more reclusive then. Now, it’s completely the opposite and I can’t tell you how much that bodes for my well being.

My other first, is that I’m riding the city bus system of Philadelphia alone. Initially, it was a little unnerving. I’d never rode a public transport bus before and I spent my first few days anxious that I was going to miss my stops. Thankfully, my mom had come out for a week and we were able to do a “test run” before my first day so that I knew where exactly all my stops and bus transfers were. Now, if I start to look confused or lost, there has always been the kindness of strangers and the employees at the SEPTA Olney Transportation Station where my transfers are. I’m already on a first name basis with the driver that takes me on the final route to my work in the morning. I get the same driver every morning, Ernie, you rock.

Those are the two major things that are going on with me right now. Unless you want to count that my wife and kids are back halfway across the country until early June when the kids will be done with school and they will make the 5-6 day trek in the car to finally join me here in Philly. What have I been doing in my spare time? Going to the gym, practically every day of course! I probably spend almost 2 hours a day at the gym where our new apartment is. Mostly, it’s more productive than sitting at home watching shows on Netflix or Hulu. I run about 3 miles on a treadmill and spend an hour and half or so doing weights. It’s weird being all alone for really the first time in my adult life. I’ve been so used to having my wife and kids around that I really don’t know what to do with myself. So, gym rat it is for me.

More updates to come!

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